March 2011 Blog Posts

The issue – 92% of kids in care have low literacy skills

posted by United Way, 29 Mar 2011

Found out something this morning…92 % of kids in the care system, such as children in foster care, have below average literacy skills, I never realised it was so high. But there’s organisations like the  Pyjama Foundation in Queensland that help address literacy problems.  There’s plenty of interesting information in this report about the problems facing …read more


Lunch with the girls

posted by United Way, 22 Mar 2011

I spent the day today with some year 10 girls at Plumpton High School and our Community Impact partner, Beacon. The focus of the day was about young people having choices in life and we as mentors, shared our hard-earned experience and achievements to (hopefully!) motivate and inspire the girls to persist with their studies and recognise their talents and …read more


Innovation and Collaboration – addressing Australia’s biggest issues

posted by United Way, 14 Mar 2011

At United Way Australia, we are focusing on a new strategy for addressing large-scale social problems that we call “Community Impact”.  The idea is to create a network that links numerous organisations — including those in government, society and the business sector — and  we help them to systematically align and coordinate their efforts around …read more


5 cents for 5 senses – a little goes a long way

posted by United Way, 09 Mar 2011

Children suffering the loss of one or more of their senses will be the big winners from an innovative fundraising campaign launched today by United Way WA. The 5c for five senses campaign (running throughout April) is calling on people across Western Australia to scour their homes, workplaces and vehicles for ‘unwanted’ 5 cent coins that …read more


big school

posted by United Way, 07 Mar 2011

My daughter started primary (“big”)  school this year. She attended a good pre-school and had lots of opportunities to have the positive cognitive, social and emotional learning experiences to put her in the best place possible to get a great start… simple learning experiences leveraged from our family’s everyday life. Things like playing with friends and …read more


Angels in Pyjamas

posted by United Way, 02 Mar 2011

When did you last lose yourself in a good book – one you really couldn’t put down? For my daughter, it was this morning, whilst she was brushing her teeth. Mess and delay aside, I can’t really complain as her obsession (including reading by torchlight under the bedclothes) has given her a reading level well …read more


Send them to the circus

posted by United Way, 01 Mar 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a group of volunteers to participate in a day of circus training at the Westside Circus in Melbourne. (www.westsidecircus.org.au) We were joined by a group of young people variously described as “Disaffected”, “At Risk”, “Disengaged”, “Lowered Social Capacity”, “ADD” or just plain “Problem Kids”. You can choose your …read more


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