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Homelessness coalition wins Leading Innovation Award

We are pleased to give you an update on an award our Homelessness Coalition has secured through the efforts of our colleagues…

Platform 70  (the $2.8m grant made by the State Government to house 70 Rough Sleepers in Woolloomooloo) won the Leading Innovation Award at the Australasian Housing Institute’s Professional Excellence in Housing Awards last Thursday night 7th May 2012.

This recognises the innovative work that has been put in place to improve relationships with the real estate sector, which we will ensure benefits and feeds back into the wider community housing sector. It also recognises Platform 70’s development of a project framework that can be used in the future for initiatives aimed at chronically homeless households.

Finally, it recognises the collaborative work without which Platform 70 could not exist; through the hard and dedicated work of Neami Way2Home and Aboriginal Assertive Outreach Service, and other CHPs including Metro Housing, St George Community Housing, Hume Community Housing and North Coast Community Housing, who have all committed to housing Platform 70 clients and are working tirelessly to secure properties in their local areas. It also recognises the dedication of the 90 Homes For 90 Lives Coalition, including City of Sydney, UBS, United Way, Colliers and Freehills, who have provided help and assistance firstly in bringing Platform 70 into existence, but also in their work with the private rental sector, providing advice and contacts as well as assistance with the design, production and distribution of the real estate brochure.

Platform 70 would not be achievable without all of your dedication and support, and we are so pleased that this hard work has been recognised, as well as the impact it is having on the lives of our clients. We are working hard to reach our target of 50% housed by the end of June, and we hope to exceed this.







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