November 2012 Blog Posts

An investment guaranteed to give a high return and lasting legacy

posted by United Way, 20 Nov 2012

On Universal Children’s Day (20 November 2012), Doug Taylor, CEO of United Way Australia was asked to discuss why reading to children under 5 years is one of the best investment opportunities on offer. To read the full blog please visit http://blog.ingdirect.com.au/2012/11/19/an-investment-guaranteed-to-give-a-high-return-and-lasting-legacy/ We have an instinctive belief that the children who succeed in life are the …read more


Inspiring Community Champions to ‘live a life outside ourselves’

posted by United Way, 14 Nov 2012

“I think we all have these deep desires to make an impact, to make a difference, to live a life outside ourselves, and what you guys do in breaking that down in terms of how we can make a difference is priceless, so thank you.” This year in Sydney we have been busy building and …read more


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