February 2014 Blog Posts


Let’s remember that a backbone has multiple parts.

posted by United Way, 24 Feb 2014

  Doug Taylor, CEO and Jenny Riley, Head of Community Impact from United Way Australia will be presenting on mobilisation at the Collective Impact Conference. Here, Jenny Riley comments on an emerging distributed backbone model.   Did you know your backbone, also known as a vertebral column, is made up of usually 24 vertebrae? However when discussed in …read more


Towards Collective Impact

posted by United Way, 20 Feb 2014

Reflections on ‘Towards Collective Impact’ by Jenny Riley, our Community Impact Manager. Shared measurement requires us to each understand each other, after two days at the Progressing Social Outcomes Measurement I am hopeful because the discourse is getting stronger and we are getting better at asking better questions i.e.  is what we are doing making …read more


Shared measurement – the way to get us all measuring?

posted by United Way, 11 Feb 2014

United Way is pleased to be nominated for the Impact Measurement Awards, presented by SIMNA at the ‘Progressing Social Outcomes Measurement’  conference. Jenny Riley – our Community Impact Manager – comments below on shared measurement as a way towards better outcomes.   Someone said to me the other day that measurement was just too hard, that …read more


The “One Day” Video

posted by Geoff, 09 Feb 2014

Understanding why we focus on Read Learn Succeed.


A Special Thank You Video

posted by Geoff, 09 Feb 2014

On behalf of all the Children and their Parents Thank You!   For more parent feedback on the Imagination Library and the impact it is making on the children and their families please CLICK HERE


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