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Doubling our Investment to Help Kids Read

Doug Taylor, CEO reflects on Doubling our Investment to Help Kids Read.

bMany of our generation, especially in the big capitals such as Sydney – have been able to ride the property boom to more than double their investment. Very often the latest trend or data dominates the daily news and even many a dinner conversation.

Let’s sit with this idea of doubling our investment in another way for one moment.

United Way mobilises individuals, business and government to work together because we know from research and experience that when we work together to address society’s most pressing needs we achieve so much more than when we go it alone. So much more is achieved and the impact is multiplied.

I’ve just been speaking to a group of not for profits in New Zealand about how we can improve the lives of more people in the community by aligning our disparate programs into a common strategy in local communities. We think that this is a better use of our limited resources and will double the investment of those that support us because we are more efficient and effective. We are adopting this approach in our READLEARNSUCCEED strategy which is focused on ensuring more children start school ready to learn by ‘mobilising the village to raise the child.’ We know as Kofi Annan said that ‘Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope’ and so we commit to work together.

LiteracyAnother example of sound investment for early literacy was our June Appeal. Recently we had exciting news from the Dolly Parton Foundation where she has offered to make a special matching donation to help us kick start and grow the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in Australia. For every additional donation we received from our supporters to our ‘Double Your Dollars with Dolly’ appeal in June – Dolly agreed to match it! With the support of our donors we raised close to $10,000 – and when this is matched with Dolly’s gift means we will have near to $20,000 for the program.  That is multiplication and a great way to join with us and others to make an impact.



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