February 2017 Blog Posts


Innovation in unemployment: Are we setting ourselves up for failure?

posted by Janita Suter, 09 Feb 2017

Someone needs to say it, is what I keep hearing. We in the social purpose sector and government, look to be scrambling for ideas to address unemployment in Australia. But the answers exist already. Are we not learning? There is $96.1 million available through the government’s Try, Test and Learn Fund to ‘trial new or …read more


How to know if Collective Impact is the right approach for you in 2017

posted by Janita Suter, 05 Feb 2017

Complexity. It underlies many social issues in Australia. It’s why community dynamics sometimes suddenly shift, funding opportunities open or close, government policy changes, and community leaders emerge. It’s behind the many twists and turns that minimise the effectiveness of traditional programs and services dealing with complex social issues. And it’s why there’s growing momentum in …read more


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