July 2017 Blog Posts


Social Innovation: how ‘WE’ is key for solving complex social issues

posted by Janita Suter, 20 Jul 2017

Are we in agreement that when we innovate alone, we draw on a limited pool of ideas, clouded by our own biases and assumptions? When it comes to addressing social issues, there’s a strong relationship between innovation and collaboration. Innovating with others generates more ideas, and enables us to build on and improve others’ ideas. …read more


Australia’s ‘slow burn disasters’: why we need to share learning to respond better, together

posted by Janita Suter, 07 Jul 2017

Are we all in agreement that Australia’s most complex social issues require systematic change to ensure no one slips through the cracks, today or in the future? As single organisations, our programs and services affect individual lives, but the systemic change that’s desperately needed can only be achieved by sharing learning and tracking change together. …read more


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