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Collaboration and Collective Impact

Advice, backbone support and Development

The causes underlying entrenched community disadvantage in Australia are complex. No single organisation can solve these issues alone.

We need to work together to achieve change.

It’s increasingly acknowledged that wide scale, sustainable social change needs community-owned solutions, backed by deep collaboration with services, business, government and funders.

To ‘shift the dial’ on Australia’s most pressing social issues, we must move beyond individual interventions and involve ‘unusual suspects’ in building the solutions.

United Way is increasingly recognised for our collaborative work in Australia, including as a ‘backbone’ organisation for Collective Impact. We offer genuine neutrality, deep commitment to understanding community, and the skills and networks to mobilise and maintain momentum to deliver lasting change.


• Community Conversations
We have the methods, skills and experience to engage deeply with local communities. The findings of our Community Conversations help all local stakeholders to see needs and opportunities through the community’s eyes.
• Neutrality
We are neutral players – we don’t deliver local services, or compete for service delivery funding. This means we are uniquely placed to facilitate workshops and collaborative initiatives.
• Strategic advice and support
We tailor our advice and support to your unique conditions, with our support extending across any or all phases of collaboration, from scoping and development to implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
• Innovation
We use creative methods to bring diverse people and ideas together, and co-design innovative solutions to complex community challenges.
• Local ownership
We build the capacity of local stakeholders to lead change.
• Embedding continuous monitoring and learning
We bring world leading monitoring and evaluation methods that support your continual communication, learning and improvement across your community’s Collective Impact initiative.

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