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Community Conversations

Workshops and Forums to create lasting social impact

The causes underlying entrenched community disadvantage in Australia are complex.

Developing holistic, sustainable solutions requires understanding the unique local strengths, issues and aspirations from the perspective of a broad cross section of these communities.

This means more than understanding the research – but listening to and learning from people in affected communities, through authentic, assets-based conversations designed for people to share their aspirations and concerns and to unlock ideas and possible solutions.

Providing opportunities to engage in community conversations is a critical first step in mobilising people to develop truly community owned and driven solutions, that ensure their community thrives.

What are Community Conversations?

community-conversations-benefitsUnited Way Australia’s Community Conversations offer a structured and meaningful way to gain the community knowledge needed to align community engagement and development work with community aspirations.

These workshops and forums provide a window into how people talk about their lives and concerns, and a unique opportunity to develop or deepen partnerships with non-traditional groups. With this foundation, social purpose organisations can be more effective, mobilise more people and achieve greater impact.

Our Approach

• Listening first
Community Conversations provide a unique opportunity for organisations to learn how communities see themselves.
• Letting people frame aspirations, challenges, and solutions for themselves
Enabling people to describe the change they want to see in their own terms, deepening your understanding of how people talk and think about these issues.
• Quality, not quantity of conversation
We create space for people to speak freely and honestly, building positive community energy around solutions and ensuring reporting back to the community.

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