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Zala and Archer’s Story

“You can help somebody to get a better path on life, give them an education starting with books.”

Like many younger siblings the world over, Archer (age three) gets a lot of his things second-hand. So when the postman comes to deliver a brand-new quality book from the Imagination Library that’s just for him, it’s a special day indeed. As his mum Zala tells us:

He gets excited! He opens it himself and he looks through the book and looks around and takes it for me to read it. He says ‘I want to do it now!’”

For Archer, it’s the excitement and pride in having his very own books of friendship and adventure to snuggle up with and have read to him every night that’s helping to build a love of reading.

Since the books have arrived Archer is interested in his books not other people’s, he is really curious and he loves it. It is something that he owns, not something he gets from his brother. That’s really important for him

In addition to great books, the Imagination Library also brings the opportunity for parents like Zala to build their shared reading skills. With Spanish as her first language, Zala is finding the expert-selected books and tip sheets to be an excellent way of improving her own English skills, and in turn, helping her to build her son’s language and communication skills prior to starting school.

The books are helping me to learn English and teach. When I had my first son I wasn’t much of a reader of English but having the books there has helped me a lot. It’s the only way they can learn new words, express themselves

In fact, reading together has now become a daily routine, with Archer insisting on having his favourites read to him each night. So far his top pick is Max, the story about a man named Max and a seagull named Bob, and the importance of friendship and and loyalty. Zala believes these books and stories are important for preparing her children for school, and the bigger world beyond.

It’s about teaching lessons for life, teaching them what to do, how to behave, what boundaries they can cross and what they can do. Helping them with their imagination and helping them to develop that little brain that they have.”

For Zala, the Imagination Library is providing her children with the best gift they could possibly receive – the chance to start school ready to thrive. It’s why she’s hoping more Australians will support the initiative, with her message to potential donors being:

You can help somebody to get a better path on life, give them an education starting with books. Don’t just hand them money to buy things, if you give them something solid like a book that will help a lot!

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