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What does it cost to leave home?




Here, educators will find everything they need to teach a class on financial literacy to high school students. This is one of five Financial Literacy modules, each includes teaching guides and worksheets, they are free to download and ready to use.


With high rental costs, it can be difficult for young adults to move out of home. However, with careful financial planning it is possible for young people to move out of home and share a place with friends, or a partner. Being financially prepared to move out of home is important for young people as often they need to move within or interstate to attend university or for work.


The aim of this module is to show students the likely costs incurred in moving out of home into shared rental accommodation and some of the hidden financial costs. The purpose of the learning activities is to help students identify the range of costs incurred in living in shared rental accommodation. The module’s activities involve a variety group of calculations, class discussions and internet based research.



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United Way Australia acknowledges the original author Sue Thomson. This material was created with funding from ING DIRECT.*Not legal or financial advice. The information and materials in this module have been provided by United Way Australia to assist your financial literacy training. It is not and should not be regarded as legal or financial advice.

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