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Community Collaborations: Education

United Way has staff on the ground mobilising collaborative responses to improve early childhood outcomes in ten communities where a high proportion of children start school ‘developmentally vulnerable’.

In these community collaborations we work to understand the issues impacting young children through
• ongoing community conversation
• correlating data and issues
• mapping existing services and identifying local needs based on gaps

and facilitate collaborative responses to address these issues by
• mobilising financial and in-kind support
• identifying and connecting children with existing support and services
• developing, trialling and evaluating initiatives to address gaps with local families, preschools, schools, community organisations, businesses, government and others.Ready-Children-Graphic

Improving School Readiness Together

Evaluations have shown that our early years initiatives are helping children to improve their literacy and communication skills, while also building stronger family relationships, social skills and emotional resilience – all essential for starting school ready to thrive.

Specifically, the initiative’s success in facilitating greater shared reading is achieving the following changes for children:
Children OutcomesHalidah Thalib and Shafa
View our most recent evaluation infographic to find out more about the change we’re making.


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