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Community Collaborations: Employment

United Way Australia facilitates community collaborations in areas of high socio-economic disadvantage, where complex and often multi-generational issues influence youth employment.

Our staff are on the ground in these communities, mobilising businesses, training organisations, social services, families and government to better support schools to ensure young people transition successfully to employment.

As our work with schools over the past five years has revealed student disengagement starts early, these initiatives target high school students from grade seven right through to grade 12.

We work to understand the issues affecting young people’s transition to employment:

• ongoing community conversation with families, students, schools, training bodies, community organisations, business, government and others
• correlating data and issues
• mapping existing services and support and identifying needs based on gaps

Then we work to support schools to create a local approach to improving youth employment:

• establishing cross-sector coalitions to develop and run tailored ‘transition to work’ plans specific to student’s needs
• enabling students to design their own ‘transition to work’ plan, including providing business mentors for students
• sharing learnings with schools in other areas experiencing high youth unemployment
• mobilising financial and in-kind support to enable collaborative action to address these issues


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