January 2013 Blog Posts

UWW: Transforming its role to global social impact in education, income, and health

posted by United Way, 30 Jan 2013

Further to our post last week on the expansion of United Way (UW) in the Asia Pacific region, the article linked below gives you more insight in to the global United Way movement. United Way Worldwide (UWW) is committed to working with international corporations to bring together two powerful elements – that of Business Strategy & Social Impact. UWW …read more


5 key questions corporate leaders are asking about their community program to improve its impact in 2013

posted by United Way, 21 Jan 2013

Drawing on his experience of working locally, in Asia and North America over the last 5 years, Doug Taylor shares with you the most commonly asked questions the best corporate leaders are asking about their community impact programs and suggests them as questions to ask at the start of 2013. Corporate Community Impact is in …read more


Big investment in increasing Asia Pacific Corporate Philanthropy

posted by United Way, 18 Jan 2013

As corporations in Australia are becoming more strategic in how they use their employee engagement and community programs to create social and business outcomes – the conversation is increasingly turning to how this can be leveraged within other markets in the region. A key driver to investment in corporate responsibility is the realisation by business …read more


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