March 2013 Blog Posts


True Champions aren’t just made in gyms

posted by United Way, 27 Mar 2013

When most people think of champions, they think of athletes, local heroes and sporting stars, but at United Way champions to us are the dedicated individuals, working within our corporate partners, who go are committed to making a positive impact in the community. The champions we know manage to do their 9-5 jobs as well …read more


Why business leaders should get out more; lessons from the outer suburbs

posted by United Way, 25 Mar 2013

With all of the shenanigans that have been going on in Canberra in recent times you could easily be excused for ‘switching off’ at the mere mention of any of our political leaders. This is totally understandable but also a shame because sometimes we can throw the baby out with the bathwater. Take for example …read more


Are We Creating a Philanthropic Monoculture?

posted by United Way, 20 Mar 2013

As recently posted by Philanthropy Australia, our CEO Doug Taylor looks to explore the question “Is philanthropy in Australia creating a mono-cultural sector that unintentionally excludes others who may genuinely want to ‘give back’?” I have thought for a while that philanthropy in Australia is all a bit too nice and virtuous. If you look at the Philanthropic …read more


Taking our first steps towards helping kids ReadLearnSucceed

posted by United Way, 19 Mar 2013

Last Thursday the first Australian child signed up to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library; the creation of country music sensation, Dolly Parton, and the cornerstone for United Way Australia’s early literacy strategy, ReadLearnSucceed. Charlie was one of eight children from Acacia Ridge (about 25km from the Brisbane CBD) who signed up for the program on the day.  This small, …read more


Creating impact through volunteering – our Corporate Connect® journey: part 5

posted by United Way, 06 Mar 2013

In this fifth blog on corporate volunteering, we discuss the impact the last ten years of our unskilled team volunteering program has had on ourselves, United Way Australia, and how we have used this to deepen our engagement with our corporate partners, their employees and our communities, to create greater impact for all these stakeholders. …read more


Creating impact through volunteering – our Corporate Connect® journey: part 4

posted by United Way, 04 Mar 2013

When United Way first started organising corporate team volunteering projects back in 2003 it was about showing workplace giving donors the work our community partners were doing and helping them in other ways through our unskilled team volunteering program. This unskilled team volunteering program has grown to support over 60 community partners across Australia in 2012. …read more


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