April 2013 Blog Posts

Impact Measurement; a big waste of time?

posted by United Way, 16 Apr 2013

Measurement is the new black in the social and philanthropic sectors. These sectors are abuzz with research papers, consultancies and conferences all rightly dedicated to doing better at ascertaining and quantifying social impact. At United Way we strongly support these endeavours and have been global innovators in introducing outcome measurement as far back as the …read more


Resurrecting Howard to Strengthen Business Community Partnerships

posted by United Way, 15 Apr 2013

As posted recently on ProBono this Opinion piece by Doug Taylor explores the potential of an Abbott Government’s Business Community Partnership group and what a new agenda that deepens and broadens business and community partnerships could achieve. To simply replicate the agenda of John Howard’s Corporate Community Partnerships initiative with its focus on research papers and …read more


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