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CoAPAC Community Impact Summit calls for Cross-Sectoral & Transnational Collaboration

United Way was the proud host the 2013 Asia Pacific Corporate Community Impact Summit in Sydney recently.

To open the Summit leaders from business, government and the not for profit sectors highlighted the role of cross-sectoral and transnational collaboration in advancing community development to an audience of over 100 Corporate representatives.

As reported by ProBono Australia, Brian Gallagher, CEO of United Way Worldwide, touched on the importance of transnationality and said the economic transformation happening today was both regional and global.

Gallagher highlighted that the healthiest communities, whether local, national, regional or worldwide always had three things in common:

  1. Jobs that allow people to live and make enough money to sustain themselves.
  2. Effective government at all scales, and
  3. Community interaction.

He also highlighted the ongoing universal importance of early childhood development and education as issues to address, spotlighting the fact they did not require ideological or political argument, or science to prove their worth.

Other topics covered at the Summit included best practice for corporate impact and corporate engagement, UN Global Compact principles and their implication for Australian corporations, and the challenges of working in the Asia-Pacific region.

Please CLICK HERE to find out more about this Summit and view video content.

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