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CEOs of Fairfax and United Way share truths about organisational transformation

posted by United Way, 01 Dec 2014

By Doug Taylor, Executive Director and CEO, United Way Australia I recently spoke at a business leader’s event with Greg Hywood, CEO of Fairfax, about a CEOs view of ‘organisational transformation’, facilitated by veteran ABC journalist Peter Thompson. From the outset it was clear how similar the experiences were between Greg and I, albeit in …read more


It’s time Not For Profits become more than just service delivery professionals

posted by United Way, 18 Nov 2014

By Doug Taylor, CEO United Way Australia. Recently I was sitting at my desk and jumped when I heard fighter jets fly over the Sydney CBD. It was not an invasion but the RAAF acknowledging the Memorial service for Gough Whitlam at Sydney Town Hall. Although I wasn’t inside the Town Hall, I did see …read more


The ‘On-Ramp’ and ‘Continuum’ of Corporate Volunteering

posted by United Way, 25 Sep 2014

By Mei Cobb – Global Head of Volunteer & Employee Engagement for United Way Worldwide. This blog appeared first on Wednesday 24th September on the probono news page of ProBono Australia Microvolunteering and progressive pathways in corporate volunteering programs will lure the millennial workforce as they seek out opportunities to make a difference, an international expert …read more


Reflecting on the Salt Lake City Journey with a Collective Impact Approach

posted by United Way, 28 Aug 2014

David Lilley, Collective Impact Consultant for United Way Australia reflects on hearing Bill Crim of United Way of Salt Lake USA present at the Place-Based Solutions Conference in Sydney 26th August, 2014. I’m someone who has worked to address place based disadvantage for many years, and I’ve seen quite a few methods and approaches come …read more


Critical Questions About Place Based Solutions for Disadvantaged Communities

posted by United Way, 25 Aug 2014

Let’s ask the right questions about place based solutions for disadvantaged communities This is a summarised version of a keynote speech Doug Taylor, CEO of United Way Australia, gave at a Conference in Sydney on ‘Place Based Solutions’ on Tuesday 26th August, 2014. You can access the full version via the link at right Criterion …read more


Marathon Gold, a Mother’s Passion for Learning and Harry Potter’s Imprint

posted by United Way, 30 Jul 2014

After a terrible run of injury – Australia’s new marathon hero Michael Shelley was doubting the future of his athletics career. This week Australia celebrated his triumph. Shelley celebrated the support of his parents. “They’re the reason I’m still running and are a major support. I had about 12 months of just feeling sore and not …read more

Paint Penrith Read

Shared Measurement and the Promise of the Future for Children in St Mary’s

posted by United Way, 21 Jul 2014

By Jenny Riley – Head of Community Impact Manager for United Way Australia. In the Western Sydney suburb of St Mary’s there is a historical homestead called Mamre House. It’s roots go back to the colonial chaplain, magistrate and pastoralist, the Reverend Samuel Marsden. Marsden received a land grant at the key geographic marker in the area …read more


What the Social Sector can Learn from Building the World’s Tallest Building

posted by United Way, 08 Jul 2014

Community Impact Manager for United Way Australia, Jenny Riley, offers three ways to start to work differently as she reflects on the construction of the Burj Kahlifa. “The way you build a building like this is to fast track it, you can’t wait until you get all the designs in place.. . or you will be …read more


Seven Principles of Impact Reporting

posted by United Way, 01 Jul 2014

The Community Impact Manager for United Way Australia, Jenny Riley, offers seven principles of impact reporting as she reflects on designing and writing United Way Australia’s first Community Impact Annual Report. In putting together United Way Australia’s first Annual Community Impact Report, we had a blank slate and the opportunity to apply some of the …read more


Doubling our Investment to Help Kids Read

posted by United Way, 18 Jun 2014

Doug Taylor, CEO reflects on Doubling our Investment to Help Kids Read. Many of our generation, especially in the big capitals such as Sydney – have been able to ride the property boom to more than double their investment. Very often the latest trend or data dominates the daily news and even many a dinner conversation. Let’s …read more


Let’s remember that a backbone has multiple parts.

posted by United Way, 24 Feb 2014

  Doug Taylor, CEO and Jenny Riley, Head of Community Impact from United Way Australia will be presenting on mobilisation at the Collective Impact Conference. Here, Jenny Riley comments on an emerging distributed backbone model.   Did you know your backbone, also known as a vertebral column, is made up of usually 24 vertebrae? However when discussed in …read more


Towards Collective Impact

posted by United Way, 20 Feb 2014

Reflections on ‘Towards Collective Impact’ by Jenny Riley, our Community Impact Manager. Shared measurement requires us to each understand each other, after two days at the Progressing Social Outcomes Measurement I am hopeful because the discourse is getting stronger and we are getting better at asking better questions i.e.  is what we are doing making …read more


Shared measurement – the way to get us all measuring?

posted by United Way, 11 Feb 2014

United Way is pleased to be nominated for the Impact Measurement Awards, presented by SIMNA at the ‘Progressing Social Outcomes Measurement’  conference. Jenny Riley – our Community Impact Manager – comments below on shared measurement as a way towards better outcomes.   Someone said to me the other day that measurement was just too hard, that …read more


The “One Day” Video

posted by Geoff, 09 Feb 2014

Understanding why we focus on Read Learn Succeed.


A Special Thank You Video

posted by Geoff, 09 Feb 2014

On behalf of all the Children and their Parents Thank You!   For more parent feedback on the Imagination Library and the impact it is making on the children and their families please CLICK HERE


Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library & Rotary – helping kids in Noble Park

posted by United Way, 14 Jan 2014

  Dolly Parton’s aim with the Imagination Library is simple: to improve early childhood literacy for children by giving them a free, high-quality, age-appropriate book each month from birth to age five. As a little girl, Dolly’s dream was to be a writer and singer. Her strong belief is that the seeds of dreams are …read more


Why funders need to get out of their swimming lanes – the benefits of Collective Impact

posted by United Way, 08 Jan 2014

There’s something inherently appealing and logical about using our respective assets and capabilities to work together to achieve a common goal and it’s most evident in our community when we face a crisis or natural disaster. Somehow on those occasions the social sector is able to shift from running our own individual races in swim …read more


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