March 2016 Blog Posts


Charles Leadbeater (Guest Blog): Reflections on innovation in early learning

posted by Janita Suter, 17 Mar 2016

Thanks for the opportunity to speak at events hosted by United Way Australia around innovation in early learning. It was interesting to be speaking the same week as the Australian Government released its latest Australian Early Development Census results, which indicated little improvement in the headline statistic over the last six years – 22% of …read more


Ending ‘developmental vulnerability’ for children is everyone’s business, but how do we build effective collaboration to tackle this?

posted by Janita Suter, 10 Mar 2016

Last week the government released its latest Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) results, a mixed bag underneath the same headline statistic as the previous census 3 years ago – 22% of Australian children still start school ‘developmentally vulnerable’.  While there were very slight improvements in language and cognitive skills, and communication skills and general knowledge, …read more


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