Imagination Library Case Study- COVID-19

The Imagination Library's Impact During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 Crisis, The Imagination Library has continued to bring the magic of reading into the homes of families in isolation, keeping learning at the centre of Australian families.

The gift of a book every month has been a cornerstone of family life in the struggling communities we support, and promotes much needed feelings of safety and closeness in these times. In this era of isolation, emotional bonds from a book shared every evening means everything.

This was demonstrated to us recently by Adam’s mum, who reached out to let us know how important the Imagination Library has continued to be to the families we support:

Dear Dolly Parton Imagination Library,

Just like to thank you for all the interesting and variety of books that you have been sending to Adam and allow him to be creative and imaginative. He enjoys reading the books over and over again, some of them he can even memorise. They are particularly entertaining during the COVID-19 lockdown time and we like to thank you Dolly Parton and United Way Australia.


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