Imagination Library Case Study- LOTE Family

The Imagination Library's Impact on a LOTE Family

We have been enjoying the program since my son was one. He loves to read and discuss pictures in the books. As a LOTE (language other than English) background parent, I am often in the dark, especially when it comes to choosing good children’s books, which reflect Australian culture and education. Well curated books in the program give me insight into Australian culture, nature, philosophy, history, literature, and language.

The program is truly helpful for everyone, but especially for families with multicultural backgrounds and/or disadvantages, who have trouble finding good children’s books.

Also, the magic of storytelling Ryde group helped me to connect with other mothers in the community. I really want to say thank you to all the facilitators.

I truly had a great experience there 🙂

I hope these programs can run for a long time to support other mothers in Ryde 🙂

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