Established in the USA in 1887, United Way is now a global network of 1,800 secular non-profit organisations working to end community disadvantage in 41 countries. In Australia, United Way focuses on improving early literacy and increasing youth employment in more than 35 disadvantaged communities via flagship initiatives that mobilise some of Australia’s largest companies, social service providers and funders. Partnering with 280 of the Fortune 500 companies globally, we are uniquely positioned to develop and replicate world-leading approaches to address community disadvantage.

Our staff can provide expert comment and analysis on a range of social issues including:

• Early literacy and early childhood development

Ten-News-Eleanor-2• Collective impact

• Youth unemployment

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

• Cross-sector collaboration & partnerships

• Community impact measurement

• Social innovation

• Corporate and individual volunteering


To request an interview with the spokespeople below please contact Janita Suter on 0416 396 646.

Eleanor_Loudon-webEleanor Loudon – Head of Community Impact

Eleanor leads United Way Australia’s initiatives to overcome social disadvantage, with a focus on early childhood development and youth unemployment.

With more than 15 years’ experience in community development and management in Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, Eleanor offers a unique depth of expertise for developing innovative, collaborative program models that increase community impact and organisational accountability.

Eleanor holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Management (Community Sector).



Lyndsey McKee – Head of Partnerships

With a strong industry reputation as a CSR thought leader, Lyndsey has worked with CEOs and executive teams across many of Australia’s top tier companies and SMEs.

Lyndsey is an expert in challenging and supporting Australian companies to lift their CSR performance, having developed partnerships across the corporate, philanthropic and government sectors.

Lyndsey has a Bachelor of Science and a PhD in Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Engagement.





David leads ‘The Hive’, a collective impact initiative in the complex region of Mt Druitt NSW working to overcome high rates of inter-generational socio-economic disadvantage and give local children and young people the opportunity to reach their full potential. David is at the forefront of social innovation in Australia, with hands-on experience and insight into working with diverse stakeholders including local service providers, government, schools, community leaders and philanthropists to drive lasting community change. He has previously held research, policy and project management positions in state government, and worked as a sustainability and collective impact consultant.

David has a Bachelor of Social Work, a Masters of Policy and Applied Social Research, and a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact.