We’re bringing community, service providers, business, government and philanthropy together in Acacia Ridge, QLD to better understand the issues impacting children and youth and facilitate effective, local responses to ensure all children can thrive in school and in later life.

Community Profile

  • Families: 1787
  • Children aged 0-8: 842
  • Children starting school developmentally vulnerable: 38%
    (22.5% national average)
  • Youth unemployment: 21.2%
    (12% national average)


Right now in Acacia Ridge, almost two in five children start school without the skills needed to thrive – nearly twice the national average. Most of these children will never have the chance to catch up in school, severely limiting their education and life outcomes.

How we are responding

In 2015 United Way Australia began consulting with various community organisations, government agencies, local schools and child care centres to better understand the causes of early childhood vulnerability, and how together we can respond to create better outcomes for children in Acacia Ridge.


  • Participating in the Acacia Ridge Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) Response Group, finding ways for the community to improve early childhood developmental outcomes
  • Working with partners to install 12 “Little Free Libraries” in the community (where there is currently no public library
  • Supporting vulnerable children from local kindergartens to prepare for school through our Seasoned Storytellers & Budding Bookworms literacy program
  • Providing free home-delivered books and literacy resources to more than 300 families through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library


A former higher education teacher himself, Anna’s father wanted her to have “a good education as a basis to start her life.”

See how the Imagination Library is helping give Anna that chance.

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Dr Marcus Curcija
State Manager

Email: Marcus.Curcija@unitedway.com.au

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