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United Way Australia is well recognised for its ‘practice leadership’ in facilitating and mobilising collaborative approaches to community change.

In Australia, we’re working collaboratively in 35 communities of disadvantage to improve employment and education opportunities. Globally, we are part of the United Way worldwide network of more than 1800 organisations across 40 countries working to improve lives and strengthen communities. Watch our video to learn more about how United Way works to tackle complex social issues.

We offer social purpose organisations and government the opportunity to benefit from this experience via the following consultancy services:

Community Conversations

Providing opportunities to engage in community conversations is a critical first step in mobilising people to develop truly community owned and driven solutions, that ensure their community thrives.

United Way Australia’s Community Conversations offer a structured and meaningful way to gain the community knowledge needed to align community engagement and development work with community aspirations.

These workshops and forums provide a window into how people talk about their lives and concerns, and a unique opportunity to develop or deepen partnerships with non-traditional groups. With this foundation, social purpose organisations can be more effective, mobilise more people and achieve greater impact.

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Collaboration and Collective Impact

It’s increasingly acknowledged that wide scale, sustainable social change needs community-owned solutions, backed by deep collaboration with services, business, government and funders. To ‘shift the dial’ on Australia’s most pressing social issues, we must move beyond individual interventions and involve ‘unusual suspects’ in building the solutions.

United Way is increasingly recognised for our collaborative work in Australia, including as a ‘backbone’ organisation for Collective Impact. We offer genuine neutrality, deep commitment to understanding community, and the skills and networks to mobilise and maintain momentum to deliver lasting change.

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Community Engagement Strategy

Effective community engagement means moving beyond the research, to listen to and learn from local people and stakeholders.

United Way Australia will work with you and your community stakeholders to develop a collaborative strategy based on community interest, strengths and priorities.

We will support you to build authentic, locally owned engagement practices, using methods that deepen understanding of community dynamics and the complex drivers of community change.

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Community Impact Assessment

Continuous monitoring and improvement of community work helps NFPs and Government to understand and maximise the impact of activities, and the return on investment for funders.

But how do we know our programs, services and initiatives are achieving positive, sustainable community impact – real change for individuals, families and communities?

United Way Australia will work with you and your community stakeholders to develop and implement a community impact assessment framework to ensure your activities deliver lasting social change.

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