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Volunteer Spotlight

Name: Ashley Crane: Macquarie Park Business Community Walkathon Volunteer

Currently working for: Pitney Bowes, as Regional Director of Software Support

As you may have heard, our inaugural Macquarie Park Business Community Walkathon was a resounding success, with more than 500 people from Macquarie Business Community getting involved on the day.

What you probably haven’t heard about, is the communications and logistical support required to help ensure such a fantastic turnout and smooth running of the event on the day.

We were fortunate to have great support from across the Macquarie Business community, but would like to especially recognise and thank Ashley Crane for his energy and commitment to the cause. His attention to detail, meticulous planning and innovative ideas helped take the Walkathon to the next level, ultimately helping us raise $15,000 for the community.

Thank you Ashley – it’s people like you that not only inspire action, but help bring hope and a brighter future to the communities we work with!

Photo: Supervolunteer Ashley Crane (inset), and one of the many Walkathon teams that participated in the event.