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Research shows that children from low socio-economic communities who start school behind are unlikely to catch up. But the good news is that together we CAN change this. Targeted early childhood initiatives can make a life-changing difference by helping children develop the skills they need to learn at school and thrive in later life – and we ALL benefit from that!

Here’s how you can get involved:

As a business

Run a campaign encouraging your staff to sign up as Workplace Givers!

We’ve got a special “Workplace Giving in a Box” kit to help get you started, complete with pledge forms, posters and email templates to get your staff enthused about making a difference in their community. Contact our Partnerships team to find out more.

As an Employee

Start supporting United Way Australia’s work by becoming a Workplace Giver today!

Contact our Partnerships team to find out how you – and the communities you’re helping – can benefit from Workplace Giving every pay.

The Difference You Can Make

Simon (pictured above) showed little interest in books and didn’t have many books at home before. But now his mum reports:

“Simon loves books, he’ll sit down and look through them! We don’t all have the money to go to the shops and buy the fantastic books we’d like to. So if you can, I would say help United Way out.”

Thanks to Workplace Givers like YOU, more than 6,000 children from communities of disadvantage in Australia have benefited from monthly deliveries like this.

We invite YOU be a part of lasting positive social change in Australia by becoming a Workplace Giver today!

Bidelia and Jenna’s Story

Watch Bidelia and Jenna’s story to see how your workplace donations can make a world of difference.