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4 Great Reasons to Sign Up!

  1. Your child will receive a great book each month delivered straight to their home.
  2. Parents and carers receive monthly reading tips and resources to get the most out of the books.
  3. It gives your child a great start in school and life.
  4. It’s free for children 0-5 years old in selected communities

Is my child eligible?

If your child is less than 4 years and 6 months old and you live in one of the supported communities, you may be eligible to join an Imagination Library. Please note some of these communities have limited spaces, and may put your child on a waiting list. Click on the map (right) to see if your community supports an Imagination Library and email the local coordinator listed to find out more.

When will I receive my first book?

Your first book will be sent within 6 weeks of your registration being received; then every month until your child turns 5 (while the program is supported in your community).

No Imagination Library in your Community?

Don’t despair! New Community Partners are joining all the time, and we’re working hard to make the program available to more children across the country. Please check back in a few months to see if one has started near you.

In the meantime, you can download our Magic of Storytelling guide for top tips on how to get the most out of reading with your child.

Click the map to see if there’s an Imagination Library in your community!

If you know a business, organisation, or individual who might like to support or start an Imagination Library, you can share the below guide for getting started with them.

Partner Information Pack