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Section 1: for Students



Activities can be done in or out of class time. Time frames and activity objectives are all highlighted within each worksheet.

The Employability Skills worksheet (found in Years 9 through to Year 12 modules) MUST BE DONE BEFORE beginning any of the eight Employability Log Worksheets.

The purpose of the My Career Planning Sheet (included in all school year modules), is to be used by students to summarise and record their career development needs, skills identified and learnings from the work completed and plan for the year ahead.



Annual Toolkit Activity plan:

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Year 7 Toolkit

Click here for the year 7 Student Activities

Year 8 Toolkit

Click here for the year 8 Student Activities

Year 9 Toolkit

Click here for the year 9 Student Activities

Year 10 Toolkit

Click here for the year 10 Student Activities

Year 11-12 Toolkit

Click here for the year 11-12 Student Activities



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