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Section 2: For Schools

Embed career development as a core business in your school and ensure students transition successfully to meaningful employment.

Made up of nine parts, this section aims to support high schools with a step by step review process to a Whole School Approach to Career Development. Following this review process is information to help you with developing your own strategic plan that includes parent and community engagement. To help you through this process, please review the resources mentioned throughout each section, along with the list of informative tools and websites provided in Part 9. Resources

Take a look at the Parent and Community Engagement Chart (provided in Resources of this section). This chart can be used as a guide to creating your own Whole School Approach to Career Development strategic plan.

  • a guided step by step approach to help you understand a contemporary approach to career development
  • conduct a situational analysis of current delivery of career development for students and engagement with parents and community
  • develop a comprehensive strategic plan that supports student aspirations and transition to work or further education and training
  • better engage with parents and community


1. Why a whole school approach?

2. Develop a shared understanding of career development within your school

3. How to  increase your school’s resourcing for career development

4. Review your school’s approach – school self-assessments

5. How to better engage with parents

5.1 How do parents influence?

5.2 Barriers to engagement

5.3 Strategies to improve engagement

6. How to better engage with your community

6.1 Why – vision, mission, guiding values

6.2 What – activities and collaborations

6.3 Who – environmental scan

6.4 How – ways to engage

6.5 Communication plan

7. Case studies

8. Write your strategic plan

9. Resources


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