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Our volunteers are not only the lifeblood of our organisation – they are the bricks and mortar in helping build stronger communities together.

In 2017, more than 1100 extraordinarily generous individuals and organisations dedicated their time and talents to supporting their local communities to thrive, through initiatives including:

Engaged volunteering: leveraging the skills and talents of our partners in change to directly make a difference to our Youth Employment initiatives, providing local high school students with mentoring and skills-building opportunities. 

Corporate connect: linking staff and companies looking to give back with local organisations looking to restore and improve vital community spaces, and supporting early learning through community reading events.

Skilled volunteering: utilising the professional skills of volunteers to contribute to specialised projects to increase our efficiency and community impact.

Here is just a snapshot of their incredible impact:

10,000+ hours

donated by 1172 individuals to projects supporting local families and communities to thrive. 

8312 people

supported through initiatives including “backyard blitzes”,  early learning events, and high school mentoring and skills building.

840 families

supported to improve their children’s early learning skills through local reading events and playgroups.

100% of volunteers

said that they would recommend volunteering with United Way Australia to their colleagues.

“I feel the interview helped me in getting ready for the world of work because the interviewer told me so many things about work and that I need to never give up!”

“It gives us greater insight into what we might want to do when we complete school!”

– Student feedback following engaged volunteering sessions

“Wonderful work –  this makes a huge difference.”

“We’ve gained such valuable and enriching experiences and environments for our children and families and we are sincerely grateful!”

– Backyard Blitz community partner feedback

“People attend the free lunch not only for the food, but because they have limited social interaction with other people. Many live alone and this is their only conversation with people they know.”

– Pastor, Doveton Baptist Church, on the Stone Soup lunches supported by a range of community and corporate volunteers

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