Our Impact: Youth Employment

Rising youth unemployment and underemployment. Higher costs of living. Out of reach housing prices. These are just some of the issues faced by young Australians today.

In communities experiencing entrenched disadvantage – such as soaring rates of joblessness and intergenerational unemployment – it’s a struggle to make ends meet, let alone find a fulfilling career. It’s why many students as young as 13 start disengaging from school, believing that meaningful work simply isn’t part of their future.

It’s also why United Way is supporting students to dream big while providing the practical skills, training and opportunities they’ll need to successfully transition from school to work or further study.

Together with schools, parents, students and local businesses, we’re helping students prepare for work, and connecting them with business leaders and professional role models to learn about a range of career pathways.

Together with our committed partners and your generous support, here’s what we’ve achieved:


partnered with to improve transition to work outcomes for students in disadvantaged communities.

1747 students

supported to build their career skills, confidence and connections.

20+ events

held, including industry tours, mock interviews, resume writing workshops and career days.

193 mentors

volunteered their time, skills and stories to help put students on the path to success.

“This experience is so useful, it has been life changing for me. I’ve learnt to be more open to my opportunities for a career or job choice.”

– Student, Marsden High School, NSW

“I now know I there are many jobs available, and being an ESL (English as a second language) student does not limit my opportunities,”

– Student, Marsden Sydney High School, NSW

“It was very empowering and gave me a clearer idea of how to navigate changes and hardships in the future. I have a voice and I can use it.”

– Student, South Sydney High School, NSW

Students on the path to success!

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