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“Our pleasure and a most enjoyable and rewarding day for us too… pretty inspiring working with folks who are clearly motivated to improve and to take charge of their lives…”

This is the feedback we hear most often from our volunteers – that the chance to engage and have a direct and positive impact on communities is a powerful experience for those donating their time and talent. In 2018, we were honoured to have more than 1400 generous individuals and organisations volunteer across a range of initiatives to build stronger communities, including:

Improving community spaces: linking staff and companies looking to lend muscle and gardening skills with local organisations looking to restore and improve vital community spaces.

Youth employment: leveraging the skills and talents of our partners in change to directly make a difference to young people, providing local high school students with mentoring and skills-building opportunities.

Shared reading events: helping get families and the whole community behind early learning through community events like Playgroups in the Park and The Magic of Storytelling.

Connection and company: ensuring aged community residents and others at risk of social isolation have the chance to enjoy a day out or some good conversation and company.

Here is just a snapshot of their incredible impact:

1432 volunteers

donated more than 7500 hours to projects supporting local families and communities to thrive. 

8810 people

supported through initiatives including clean up days, early learning events, and high school mentoring and skills building.

60 events

held to improve their children’s early learning skills through local reading events and playgroups.

100% of volunteers

said that they would recommend volunteering with United Way Australia to their colleagues.

“It was a terrific day. Everyone chatted and laughed. It was like old friends meeting up for lunch. We appreciated it very much. I hope that this is the start of something great.”

– Feedback from Inner West Neighbour Aid following the Day Out with the Elderly event with Amgen volunteers

“We are so thankful for the work done here today – what a transformation! I love it. We all love it. Thank you so much to all DELL/EMC volunteers who were involved.” 

– Backyard Blitz community partner feedback

““It’s an amazing experience for both students and volunteers, it was a good learning and I would suggest all of us should do more of such programs.”

– Mock Interviews with South Sydney High School

Giving back to the community

Just some of the highlights from an incredible and impactful year of giving back by our amazing volunteers.

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