Who We Are

For more than 125 years, United Way has improved lives and strengthened communities in 40 countries around the world. We are supported by 70,000 companies, including more than 280 Fortune 500 corporations, because we have a proven track record of large-scale impact and continuous innovation.

Locally, we’ve been helping Australians in communities of disadvantage to reach their full potential for more than 60 years. Our model of change is to empower children and young people through flagship early childhood and youth employment initiatives. We also work to develop new approaches which challenge the status quo in tackling complex social issues, including our innovative business park model and collective impact work.


A child’s chance of success should not be limited by their postcode.


Together, we can ensure all Australian children READ, LEARN and SUCCEED.


United Way Australia prepares children to succeed. We bring together all who can make a difference, starting with local communities.


We understand local issues through community conversations, correlating data, mapping services and identifying gaps.

We mobilise resources securing the long-term investment of funds, skills and networks to tackle complex social issues.

We act in partnership with others to strengthen communities.

We influence systems change by sharing learning, advocating and scaling community impact locally, nationally and internationally.


Responsive to community needs
Working in and with communities experiencing disadvantage to understand their needs and develop solutions to deliver social change.

Focused on children and young people
Evidence shows us that early intervention works – this is the time to create maximum impact on future life outcomes.

Best practice in business-community partnerships
Developing cross-sector collaborations that deliver lasting impact for communities and businesses.

Part of a global network
Leveraging resources, scaling social innovation and influencing change through United Way’s network in over 40 countries.