The Hive, Mt Druitt

Our Work

There are 12 suburbs in Mt Drutt, all of which are different. We use authentic, strengths-based Community Conversations on a suburb by suburb basis. These are designed for local people to share their aspirations and concerns, to unlock ideas, and develop community-owned solutions.

Postcode Work

Drawing on research by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY), The Hive Leadership Group has identified 20 Result Areas for children pre-birth to 5 years of age. We are developing systematic initiatives that respond to each Result Area across the 2770 postcode.

Systems Work

We influence local, state and national systems, to enable collaborative work in Mt Druitt and beyond. We use local achievements and lessons to support learning and development in other locations, including participating in Collective Impact networks and communities of practice.


The Hive Team coordinates the work, including facilitation of suburb and postcode level working groups. The Leadership Group sets The Hive’s strategic direction and oversees implementation. The Ambassador Group champions the initiative and removes systemic barriers to progress this work.

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