United Way Australia Governance Statement 2024

Our Approach to Governance 

United Way Australia (UWA) management system is the framework of policies, procedures and processes by which we operate, and through which our people are both empowered and accountable for making decisions that affect our operations, donors, volunteers and partners. The framework establishes the roles and responsibilities of UWA’s Board, management team, employees and suppliers. 

It also establishes the systems, policies and processes for monitoring and evaluating the practices for charity reporting, disclosure, remuneration and risk management. 

Our approach to governance is based on a set of values and behaviours that underpin our day-to-day activities. 

As a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) we have followed the ACNC Governance Standards and the UWA Constitution.


UWA is licensed by United Way Worldwide (UWW) to use the United Way brand and intellectual property in Australia. 

UWA is licensed by the Dollywood Foundation to replicate the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library in communities in Australia.

UWA holds fundraising licences in NSW, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria and is registered with the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient (as an organisation).


UWA has several Affiliates that operate as separate legal entities in various locations around Australia. Each Affiliate is a member of UWA. 

The Board

The Board is comprised of 14 Non Executive members and 1 Executive member. 

A profile of each Director can be found on our website. 

The UWA Board is governed by the Board Charter which sets out:

  • The Board composition and the roles and responsibilities of the Board, the Chair, Individual Directors, the CEO and Company Secretary. 
  • Board evaluation. 
  • Board sub committees.

Sub Committees

Our Finance, Risk and Audit Committee and the Nominations and Remuneration Committee are comprised of Executive and Non-Executive Board members and selected senior managers.

Key Policies

We have several key policies that seek to manage our regulatory compliance and human resource requirements, including:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Concern reporting and Whistle-blower protection.
  • Delegated Authority

Risk Management

Our Risk Management Framework describes our approach for managing the material risks we face. The Risk Management Framework, Risk Policy and Board Risk Appetite Statement are reviewed every two years by the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee and the Board.

Financial Reporting and Disclosure


The Board delegates oversight responsibility for the integrity of the financial statements and financial reporting systems to the Finance, Risk and Audit committee. 

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee dialogue with management, external audit and internal assurance processes.

CEO and CFO Assurance

The Board receives regular reports from management about our financial condition and operational results. 

Internal Assurance

The UWA Internal Controls plan monitors compliance to both our regulatory obligations and to internal polices and processes for each key function on an annual basis. 

External Auditor

Our external auditor is PKF. The external auditor attends at least one Board meeting and at least two Finance, Audit and Risk Committee meetings meeting.  Additionally they evaluate and verify the health of the UWA internal control environment annually.