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Kindy Uplift

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Strengthening the partnership between home and kindergarten

More than 400 kindergarten program providers across Queensland can provide the Imagination Library to children at their service through the Kindy uplift pilot.

The Kindy uplift pilot enables selected kindergarten services to respond to the educational and developmental needs of kindergarten children by funding evidence-based initiatives that lift outcomes for kindy children.

When kindergartens join the Imagination Library each child receives a high quality, age-appropriate book each month, delivered to their home. Accompanying these books is a tip sheet for parents and carers, providing them with ideas on how to engage with the books in ways that are known drivers of language acquisition and emerging literacy.

Kindergartens receive the same books as the children, enabling then to integrate teaching and learning plans around each book, and strengthen the partnership between home and kindergarten.

The program aligns with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guide and is supported by research and early childhood professionals.

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