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A child’s chance of success should not be limited by their postcode

We believe that every child deserves to reach their full potential. Over five years, we will help 40,000 Australian children and young people to read, learn and succeed. Each day we work to expand our impact, unite communities, advocate for change and grow and inspire our supporters.

Everything we do is in collaboration with others. We understand the importance of community and believe that we all need to work together to see systemic improvement in child and youth outcomes.

We celebrate the valuable support we receive from hundreds of organisations and individuals across government, business, philanthropy, community and the nonprofit sector.

Together we can multiply our impact.

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UWA stories

The impact of the work we undertake is inspirational and far-reaching. From giving a child a head-start in their learning journey, to empowering young people to realise their potential in the workforce – the stories of collaboration and lasting change are the sole reason we strive to continue and expand the work that we do.