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Reading, talking and singing with your child are proven ways to build your child’s language and early literacy skills. The following websites provide information to help you understand and support your child’s early development.

Tip Sheets- Roo Knows Blue

Our tip sheets are full of information for making the most of reading time, they are created specifically for each book.

Roo Know Blue by Renée Treml is one of our beautiful books suitable for all ages. We have made the tip sheet available below with help and advice for each age group from 0-5.

Click on your preferred language below to download the tip sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I update my address?
I have a new email address; how do I change it?
I haven’t received my book, what do I do?
I have received a newsletter but not my book – when is it arriving?
My book was damaged in the post, what do I do?
I have feedback on a book I received. Who can I contact?
I have a friend/family member who lives in my suburb and would like to join the Imagination Library, how can they join?
I have twins, will I receive different books?
I have received duplicate books for my younger child, is this correct?
Can I track my books?
When will my next book be delivered?