Like many high school students, Jack, aged 16, didn’t know what he wanted to do once he finished school. But after spending time in Fuji Xerox’s offices and with his business mentor as part of the Macquarie Park Business Community Partnership, Jack realised that work can be enjoyable and that finding your passion is important. Jack learnt valuable skills and is now more confident.

He believes the experience has helped shape his perspective towards work and he is excited about the opportunities once he leaves school. Jack thinks all high school students would benefit from mentoring and industry exposure. He now has a plan to gain employment after he graduates from school.

We got to go out to Fuji Xerox, which I found really interesting because I hadn’t been in an office environment before. It was a very positive mentality – all the people had a vision and each one of them believed in that vision, which was pretty encouraging to see. I’ve gone from thinking of work as a chore, to thinking of it as something I really can’t wait to do. Now I’m actively looking for university courses and trying to picture my ideal career path.

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